Where Can You Have the Wheels on Luggage Repaired?

Luggage repair shops are one place to have the wheels on a suitcase repaired. Some luggage manufacturers repair their own suitcases, especially if the piece is still under warranty.

Many cities have luggage repair shops that can fix the wheels on a suitcase, and some of them do warranty work. The procedure for having warranty work done on luggage varies according to the manufacturer. For example, several luggage manufacturers, such as Samsonite and American Tourister, recommend having the purchase receipt.

Luggage repair shops are often located near airports or luggage dealers. If there's no local luggage repair shop, it's possible to send suitcases via mail. Conversely, some camping and shoe stores can perform simple repairs, such as replacing the wheels.

Many manufacturers prefer to fix the wheels in their own repair shops. This is especially true if the suitcase is still under warranty. The suitcase has to be sent to the company for the repair, but the exact procedure depends on the company. For instance, Samsonite allows customers to drop off the luggage at any Samsonite company store, and the store handles sending it into the authorized repair center.

Typically, there's a fee for sending luggage to the manufacturer for repair. In some cases, though, local repair shops may be authorized repair centers for specific manufacturers.