What Can You Wear With Camel-Colored Boots?

can-wear-camel-colored-boots Credit: Daniel Reiter/Stock4B/Getty Images

Camel-colored boots can be worn with leggings, jeans, dresses, pencil skirts or camel-colored slacks. Because camel is a neutral color, it goes well with everything from navy to red and bright green to burgundy. Camel also brings warmth to black, according to style expert Bridgette Raes. Any color that goes well with black typically also goes well with camel.

Because camel does not look good next to every complexion, using it in boots is a good way to add the color to a wardrobe. Camel-colored boots work well to set a casual tone in place of ballet flats or loafers. A tan leather belt or jacket ties the boots in with the rest of the outfit. These boots can also be used to create a polished work look when paired with sweater dresses or sheaths in cranberry or navy. Wearing gold jewelry with camel-colored leather boots helps bring out the gold tone of the leather.

Wearing camel-colored boots with leggings or dark skinny jeans and a tailored jacket creates an equestrian look that can transition easily from the workplace to more casual settings. Knee-high camel-colored boots can even be worn for a night out when paired with skinny jeans or an animal-print dress and accessorized with jewelry that makes a statement.