Where Can I Find a Video on How to Apply Makeup?


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Video tutorials for applying makeup are readily available on the Internet and are located on cosmetic websites such as BobbiBrownCosmetics.com. Popular Internet websites such as YouTube and DailyMotion also feature a myriad of videos that offer makeup application tutorials.

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Applying makeup involves deciding what brand of makeup is best to use on different skin types and what kind of makeup is appropriate for various weather conditions and purposes, such as evening or daily wear. Certain instances, such as going to the prom, may require makeup that is less dramatic than a makeup look you may experiment with when headed out to a nightclub. Color choices are an important consideration so that they coordinate with outfits and complement facial features.

Video tutorials for makeup application are helpful in that they also teach viewers which brushes to use and provide additional tips on how to create specific, popular looks, like smoky or cat eyes. Tutorials offered by specific retailers, such as Bobbi Brown or Lancome, may suggest that you use their products to obtain the look they have demonstrated in their videos. These and other retailers' websites and tutorials may also offer tips from celebrity and popular makeup artists who are well-versed in makeup application and can offer expertise on the subject.

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