How Can You Verify That the Serial Number on a Coach Purse Is Real?


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The best way to verify a Coach serial number is to contact Coach via email or phone. A correct Coach serial number does not verify that the bag is genuine, but an incorrect serial number almost always verifies that the bag is a counterfeit.

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All full-size Coach bags have serial numbers, but some of the smaller accessory bags do not. The serial number on Coach purses made prior to 1994 include only numbers and are stamped beneath the Coach creed. After 1994, Coach added a style number to the end of the serial number, allowing consumers to verify the Coach product based on the style of the bag. In late 2014, Coach stopped stamping the serial numbers beneath the creed, and instead placed them on a small fabric tag on the inside pocket.

Besides the serial number, there are other ways to determine if a Coach bag is authentic, including inspecting the zipper pulls, stitching, straps and other construction details. Misspellings, punctuation errors and spacing mistakes in the creed stamp or patch sometimes indicate the bag is not authentic. Consumers who believe they posses a counterfeit Coach item should contact Coach with the following information: the name and address of purchase location, type of purchase location, and descriptions and quantities of the items the location is selling.

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