Can Vaseline Really Make Eyelashes Grow?

Applying Vaseline to eyelashes can make them grow by moisturizing dry lashes and providing a strengthening agent to prevent them from falling out. In order for the treatment to work effectively, Vaseline must be applied constantly without skipping a day.

Vaseline is a product of petroleum and is used for treating cuts and burns, chapped lips and for moisturizing skin and hair. Eyelashes naturally fall out and are replaced when they become brittle; the bases of the lash become heavier during the process, which leads to lashes falling out.

Using Vaseline helps to prevent lashes from falling out as it moisturizes the hair follicles and strengthens the bonds at the base, giving them time to grow longer than the normal rate of regeneration allows.

Results of using Vaseline often can take between a few weeks to a few months to appear, depending on the individual. One suggested treatment is to apply a light coat every night before bed until the desired length is achieved.

In addition to helping existing lashes grow thicker and longer, Vaseline promotes growth in new lashes, giving them a healthier, more natural appearance while making it possible for lashes to grow longer over an extended period of time.