Can I Use Vaseline to Remove Eye Makeup?

can-use-vaseline-remove-eye-makeup Credit: Chris Bernard/E+/Getty Images

Nisha Singh from StyleCraze explains that Vaseline functions well as an eye makeup remover and is an affordable option for people who wish to save money on expensive skin care. Regular petroleum jelly works to remove eye makeup, but name brand Vaseline contains aloe vera and cocoa butter, which helps to nurture and hydrate the delicate skin around the eyes.

To use Vaseline to remove eye makeup, Singh recommends applying a very small portion of the product to the fingertips and gently rubbing it into the lashes and around the eyes to loosen up the eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara products that have adhered to the skin. When the eye makeup is fully broken down, use a cotton pad or a soft tissue to gently wipe the Vaseline away from the eyes. It is important to wash the face to remove the last traces of makeup. It is not uncommon for the oil present in Vaseline to cause cloudy vision until it is rinsed away. This is not a concern, but in the event that any of the product enters the eyes, flush the eyes thoroughly with warm water. An added benefit of using Vaseline as an eye makeup remover is that continued use can help the eyelashes to grow thicker.