What Can You Use to Treat Droopy Eyelids?


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The recommended treatment for droopy eyelids depends on the reason the problem is occurring and how it's affecting the person's vision; it may include surgery, the use of steroids or antihistamines or no treatment at all, states MedlinePlus. Drooping eyelids can be a normal sign of aging, an effect of a nerve injury or the response to an allergen.

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If drooping eyelids don't cause problems with the patient's vision, the person probably doesn't need surgery, but it is an option for those concerned with their appearance, notes AllAboutVision.com. The surgery does have its risks, which may include problems with eyelid movement or dry eyes. People experiencing drooping eyelids should get help from a doctor if it's causing them vision problems or occurs suddenly, warns MedlinePlus.

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