What Can I Use to Replace the Hair Removal Strips in a Waxing Kit?

can-use-replace-hair-removal-strips-waxing-kit Credit: Klaus Vedfelt/Digital Vision/Getty Images

To replace the waxing strips that come in a home waxing kit, there are two popular options: muslin cloth strips or non-woven pellon strips. Muslin strips are natural, washable and reusable. Pellon is a non-woven interfacing material that is also used for waxing.

Muslin waxing strips can be purchased at a beauty supply or department store. To make this option even more inexpensive, purchase muslin cloth at the fabric store and cut waxing strips in the needed sizes.

Pellon is used to make disposable waxing strips, so it is useful for traveling. Pellon can be bought in pre-cut strips or by the roll and cut to length.