How Can You Use Your Own Wardrobe to Create Cool Outfits?

How Can You Use Your Own Wardrobe to Create Cool Outfits?

A few ways to use an existing wardrobe to create cool outfits is to accessorize old outfits differently, wear clothes in different combinations, and modify some pieces into a different style. Declutter your wardrobe, and ensure that no item of clothing is worn again before all the other pieces have been worn.

  1. Try different accessories

    Accessories can change the appearance of an old outfit and make it appear trendy and cool. Wrap a scarf or stole over a dress or shirt, or wear a shrug or bolero jacket over a long dress. Take in the waist of a shirt with an oversized belt, and add a necklace with big beads.

  2. Create new combinations

    If a shirt and skirt are of the same color, experiment with wearing them with other colors that either complement or completely contrast the piece. Wear an oversized shirt as a dress teamed with a broad belt and knee-high boots. Team a formal jacket with a clean and crisp casual shirt and jeans.

  3. Modify to create new styles

    Clothes can be transformed with minor modifications. Stitch sequins or crystals onto the borders of long skirts or the collars and pockets of shirts. Cut a long skirt to make it a short or mini skirt. Rip jeans at the knees, or fray the ends of a pair of shorts to make it look like it is straight out of a store.