How Can You Use Natural Remedies Like Green Tea to Treat Acne?


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To use green tea to treat acne, drink it on a regular basis, optimally at least two to three cups everyday for a period of two to three weeks. During this time, acne typically lessens in size and redness. Green tea has properties that reduce inflammation and bacterial growth, according to the National Institutes for Health. Drinking it regularly can help to detoxify the body.

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Green tea can also be used as an external acne treatment. Boil dried green tea leaves, and then let them cool until warm to the touch. Next, wrap the leaves in a clean cloth in one layer. Press the cloth gently on the areas affected by the acne. Tap each of these areas gently for up to 20 minutes. This treatment helps to remove excess oil from the skin and cleanse the pores.

Using green tea as an acne remedy does not require a prescription, and there is no specific amount of time needed in order for the treatment to be effective. According to Frugally Green, this tea can be simply used as a regular part of a daily routine and, in this way, the health and acne prevention benefits are ongoing and long lasting.

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