How Can I Use a Face Concealer to Hide Scars?

How Can I Use a Face Concealer to Hide Scars?

Use a heavy-duty concealer, lifting concealer and powder to hide facial scars. Follow these steps to create natural and even looking skin.

  1. Apply the heavy-duty concealer

    Cover the entirety of the scar with a heavy-duty concealer. Thicker concealers are best at covering scars because they last the longest and contain less oil. Use a concealer brush for best results. Try DiorSkin Sculpt Lifting Smoothing Concealer for long-lasting and full coverage.

  2. Apply the lifting concealer

    Place a bit of lifting concealer over the scarred area. This helps to make the spot brighter and less visible. If the scar is not pigmented, lifting concealer may not be necessary.

  3. Use loose powder

    Once the layers of concealer have been applied, set the area with a coat of loose powder. Beauty Blender sponges are an effective way to apply loose powder. Slightly dampen the sponge, then dip it into the jar of powder. Spread a thin layer of powder across the concealed area. Then blend the powder into the skin so that it is invisible. Try Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder for a natural finish.

  4. Use mineral powder

    To finish the look, swipe a bit of mineral powder onto the area. This helps to set the makeup and ensure its longevity.