Can You Use Aluminum Foil to Color Hair?

can-use-aluminum-foil-color-hair Credit: Susie Cushner/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Aluminum foil can be used as a tool in coloring hair. It is used to wrap the hair with the coloring agent on it.

Many hairstylists use aluminum foil sheets to create dimension in their coloring techniques. Clairol Professional hair care schools and other beauty schools teach students how to use foils in coloring techniques. Learning the foil method is a necessity in today's world of hair coloring.

Students learn to separate the hair into sections that are to be colored or streaked. The aluminum foil sheets are placed behind the hair, and the colorant is brushed on. The foil is then folded around the hair, and the colorist moves on to the next section of hair and repeats the process, using a new piece of foil each time. The variations in coloring are determined by how the foils are layered.