Where Can You Try Out Different Hairstyles Online for Free?.?

There are several websites that allow users to try out new hairstyles, for example, InStyle, Marie Claire and Thehairstyler.com. Marie Claire has a makeover tool that includes different hairstyles, foundations, lipsticks and eye shadows; it also allows users to try out different nail polish brands and colors.

To try out a hairstyle on InStyle, click Start Your Makeover, and either upload a photo of yourself or choose one of the models. You can try on hairstyles, search them by celebrity, style or specific hairstyle. After that, you can add makeup to the photo. Users are also able to buy the makeup they've selected. InStyle allows users to do the makeover an unlimited number of times for free.

At Thehairstyler.com, users need to register and become a member in order to use the website. Users have limited access if they are using the website for free. As of 2015, the subscription for three months costs $14.95 and allows users to upload an unlimited number of photos. Users also have access to thousands of hairstyles and many hair colors and makeup shades. This website allows users to email the images of themselves to other people, and to upload them to Facebook. Users also receive a professional hair style consultation with the subscription.