Where Can I Find Tribal Tattoos?


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Tribal tattoos are found in tribal cultures and in popular culture. Native Americans and Polynesian cultures are especially renowned for their tribal tattooing traditions. Within popular culture, tribal tattoos can be found on tattoo design websites, in the portfolios of tattoo artists and at tattoo conventions.

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Where Can I Find Tribal Tattoos?
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Modern tribal tattoos are meant to resemble those used in tribal cultures. Samoans use elaborate tattooing as a rite of passage for men. These tattoos are geometric and all black, which is typical of tribal tattoos. The Maori are also known for using tattooing as a form of marking status, though those are mostly on the face. The Native American Cree also tattooed faces.

Many popular tribal tattoos have been stripped of their significance. However, they resemble the Polynesian and Island cultural tattoos, such as those from the tribes of Borneo. Celtic tattoos are also applied in a tribal design. Finding these tattoos involves visiting tattoo design websites, tattoo studios or tattoo conventions. Pictures of dragons, tigers or roses can also inspire tribal designs.

To see tribal tattoos in their intended cultural form, individuals might need to travel to a location that still practices the tradition. The practice is still prevalent in Samoa and in some areas of the Philippines.

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