How Can You Treat Dark Circles Under Your Eyes?

Some remedies to treat dark circles beneath the eyes include diet adjustments, a change in sleeping position, taking an antihistamine and using chilled tea bags or cold spoons to reduce puffiness. Several commercial creams and makeup products also help reduce the look of the circles.

Dark circles beneath the eyes have many causes, and identifying the cause is the first step in treating them. Sometimes sleeping on one side causes the blood to pool under the eyes, causing a larger circle under one eye. Deciding to sleep on the back instead prevents this problem. People with allergies or those experiencing hay fever also may have dark circles that can be treated with over-the-counter antihistamines.

Using sunscreen during the day and applying a moisturizer in the evenings can help protect the skin around the eyes as people age. Eye creams that contain caffeine help the blood vessels to constrict, also reducing the dark circles.

To hide circles, a liquid concealer can be applied to the area just below the bags. Illuminating concealers have a mixture of colors designed to help disguise the circles. People who frequently get puffy, dark circles under their eyes should also try to avoid eating salty foods before bed, as salt can also cause water to pool around the eyes.