What Can You Do to Tighten Sagging Skin Caused by Weight Loss?


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Body contouring surgery is the only way to tighten sagging skin caused by weight loss, says WebMD. Lifting weights and building muscle plump up the skin to some extent, but only body contouring surgery removes skin left over after weight loss. In a body contouring surgery, a surgeon cuts away the sagging skin and reattaches the flaps to muscle and bone.

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Skin loosens and sags after weight loss because skin is elastic, says WebMD. Skin that is stretched over fat for long periods of time loses its elasticity and does not snap back after the fat is gone. No creams or drugs can re-introduce elasticity to skin once it's been stretched for long periods of time.

Surgeons perform body contouring surgery only if the patient has kept the extra weight off for six months or more, explains WebMD. This ensures that the newly tightened skin stays flush and lowers the risk of complications associated with the procedure. Body contouring surgery leaves minor scars that clothes easily cover.

As of 2015, a total body contouring surgery costs up to $30,000, writes WebMD. The belly, face, backside, male chest and arms are the most common areas for body contouring surgery. Breasts and thighs are also common areas.

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