How Can You Tie-Dye Shoes?

How Can You Tie-Dye Shoes?

Tie-dye shoes with a tie-dye kit, a sponge paint brush, disposable plastic or Styrofoam plates, gloves, water and white cotton shoes. Because dyeing can be messy, use a plastic tablecloth to cover the working surface.

  1. Prepare the shoes and work surface

    Remove the shoelaces, and soak the white cotton shoes in water. Dry the shoes with a towel until the shoes are just damp. Spread the plastic tablecloth onto the work surface to catch spills.

  2. Prepare the dye

    Open a bottle of dye and add water to fill the bottle, then close the bottle and gently shake to mix the water and dye. Pour 1/8 of the dye onto a disposable plate. Repeat this process with all of the bottles of dye.

  3. Apply the dye to the shoes

    Get the sponge paintbrush wet, and gently squeeze out excess water. Dip the paintbrush into the dye, and dab it on the shoes. Clean the paintbrush, and apply the other colors of dye to the shoes. Thoroughly clean the paintbrush, and soak it with water. Apply the water to the shoes to create a watercolor effect.

  4. Dry the shoes

    Allow the shoes to air dry or use a blow dryer to accelerate the drying process. When the shoes are dry, add the shoelaces.