How Can You Thicken Your Beard?

To thicken a beard, allow the beard to grow on its own for up to 30 days in order for the hair cycles to coincide with each other. Continuing to trim or shave the beard area does not cause hair to grow in thicker and can instead keep the beard thin.

Thickening a beard takes patience and some time, especially since each hair grows at a different pace.

  1. Let the beard grow

    It is tempting to try to shape the beard or to trim it, but the best thing to do is to simply let it grow. It should be left alone for as long as possible. Hair cycles can take up to a month to catch up to each other.

  2. Wash the beard daily

    Skin oils build up as the beard grows, so it can help to wash the beard with a dandruff shampoo. If the skin is irritated and itchy, hydrocortisone cream afterward can help.

  3. Avoid minoxidil

    Those wanting thicker beards often think that the hair growth chemical minoxidil might be of assistance. Unfortunately, minoxidil is more likely to irritate the skin than help thicken a beard.

  4. Consider supplements

    A dosage of 2.5 milligrams of biotin is recommended for hair and nail growth. Users should talk with their doctors before taking supplements that might interfere with existing medications.