What Can You Do About Thick Armpit Hair?

There are several methods to get rid of unwanted armpit hair that is particularly thick. It is best to use hair removal systems that will not damage the skin so that the hair can be removed completely without skin irritation.

Hair removal creams are often more effective than shaving when it comes to getting rid of thick underarm hair. The area should be cleansed completely before adding the hair removal cream. The cream should stay on for at least a couple of minutes before it is rinsed off with cool water. Depilatories are also an option for removing thick, coarse hair under the arms. These hair removal products come in cream form but are also available in sprays and gels. It is important to follow the package directions when using these methods to keep the skin in its best condition. Treating the underarms with baby oil or shea butter can smooth the skin and prevent the bumps that sometimes form after hair is taken off.

For hair that is particularly difficult to remove, laser treatments are an option. Having the hair taken off with lasers removes the hair at the follicles, which can result in slower hair growth. Eventually, some individuals can stop the laser treatments once hair stops growing under the arms.