How Can Temporary Tattoos Be Made?

How Can Temporary Tattoos Be Made?

Temporary tattoos can be made at home with or without a specialized machine and software. Temporary tattoos allow the wearer to be creative, and they are incredibly easy to make.

Many diehards in the crafting world use the Silhouette software and machine to make temporary tattoos at home. However, for those who are less crafty, many websites and programs allow the user to create the graphics used for temporary tattoos. Whether or not the machine is used, temporary tattoo paper, an ink jet printer and scissors are needed.

If the Silhouette is being used, the user will start up a new document in the program and create cool graphics. The Silhouette can be used to make fancy images, or the crafter can create images in Photoshop or another kind of software. The images must be flipped horizontally — if this is not done, they will print backwards. The user should select to trace the images. Tracing the images adds cut lines around each design. The inkjet printer should then be loaded, making sure that the images will print on the glossy side of the temporary tattoo paper. A test sheet should be printed first, as tattoo paper is expensive. After printing, the crafter smooths a protective layer of plastic on top of the graphics. For precise cutting, the Silhouette comes in handy.

If the crafter does not have the Silhouette;there are other options. Awesome images can be designed by using an image-creating software. After the graphics are made, they should be flipped horizontally. Then, the crafter gets the tattoo paper ready and prints. Lastly, the protective plastic sheet is put back on top and smoothed out.

The temporary tattoos can be used immediately or can be saved for special occasions.