How Can I Tell If My UGG Boots Are Genuine?

UGG Australia has taken security measures to ensure that buyers can tell if UGG boots are authentic. There is a sewn-in label inside the left boot and a security sticker on the box. There can also be a reflective sticker on the bottom of the left boot.

UGG boots purchased since Fall 2013 have a quick-response, or QR, code on the label that can be scanned with a smart phone application to prove authenticity. Once the QR code has been scanned, the application goes directly to the UGG Australia website, proving the product is genuine.

In addition to the label, reflective sticker and QR code, the holographic sun logo of UGG Australia also changes from black to white when it is rotated 90 degrees. If the boots were purchased before Fall 2013, the UGG logo appears to roll over the suns when the sticker or label is turned.

If the boots were purchased between Fall 2010 and Spring 2012, the UGG Australia logo appears if the sticker or label is turned at an angle. The UGG Australia website has a list of the authorized retailers of UGG boots, which should be consulted to discover where to purchase authentic UGG boots.