How Can You Tell Which Ray Ban Sunglasses Are Which?


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Ray-Ban sunglasses come in a variety of styles with unique frames, lens shapes and colors. The brand’s top rated sunglasses are their Aviator and Original Wayfarer styles. The Ray-Ban Aviator Classic frames are iconic in sunglasses fashion, according to the official website.

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A distinguishing feature of the Aviator Classic sunglasses is its thin golden frames, surrounding crystal green, rounded-bottomed lenses. Aviator sunglasses also include a top bar above the bridge, which is an uncommon attribute in Ray-Ban’s designer frames. The Ray-Ban Aviators were originally designed for U.S. military pilots as a way to reduce the headaches experienced while flying, which were caused by the bright blue and white contrast of the sky at high altitudes. Ray-Ban also makes Aviator Small sunglasses that are visually similar to the Classic in every way, but designed to fit a more slender face.

The Original Wayfarer Classic is another iconic pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses, featuring tinted green or gray crystal lenses made of glass. The most recognizable style features thick, black acetate frames that are expensive to manufacture. This style of sunglasses was first designed in 1952. They remain popular with celebrities, musicians and artists.

Both the Aviator and the Wayfarer Classic can be equipped with G-15 polarized lenses, which were developed initially for military use to provide a better clarity of vision. The lenses block out most blue light and absorb 85 percent of visible light.

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