How Can You Tell If a Mitchell and Ness Jersey Is Fake?

Mitchell & Ness makes both authentic and replica jerseys. Hardwood Classics jerseys are considered authentic, though they are remakes. Authentic vintage jerseys are from the actual years when the jersey was featured, and the prices on these jerseys varies wildly. Though it is very difficult to differentiate an authentic Mitchell & Ness from an knock-off, there are clues to look for.

When making a jersey purchase online, it is often difficult to verify whether the product is authentic or fake. A solution to this problem is to study the product inside out before making the purchase. The first point to look at is the price of the jersey. If the price looks unbelievably low, there is a good chance the product is a fake. Exceptions to this rule include a player who has been traded away from the team, or when a team changes its name or color scheme. The next aspect to check is quality. On authentic jerseys, the stitches should be tight without fraying. Carefully inspect the logos, letters and numbers on the jersey. In many cases, fake jerseys use different fonts than their authentic counterparts. Always compare the jersey image with a jersey of proven origin. It is also important to ensure the seller is providing a guarantee on their product.