How Can You Tell If a G-Shock Watch Is Real?

One way to spot fake Casio G-Shock watches is to look at the location of the watch seller. G-Shock watches are primarily sold by U.S. or Canadian retailers. Watches sold from vendors in China, Hong Kong or Singapore should be suspected as fake.

Fake reproductions of Casio's popular G-Shock watch are common. Spotting these fakes requires taking the time to investigate some telling clues. The consumer must examine the smallest details to check for authenticity.

The best way to avoid losing money on a counterfeit watch is to purchase a G-Shock from an established brand name retailer. Large retailers deal directly with manufacturers, which cuts out the possibility of selling their customers a fake.

Examine the packaging for glaring errors. Authentic watches are packaged in boxes that feature the standard G-Shock logo. The logo does not include the name of the style. Look for the Casio brand name to appear on the watch, which is also a single word without embellishment.

Check for spelling errors. Fake watches may have little quality glitches, and lettering is a good way to spot one. All wording should be spelled correctly with no missing letters.

The watch material should not have any cracks, scratches, dents or rough edges. Cheap materials and imperfections are indicators of a fake.