How Can You Tell the Difference Between Fake and Real North Face?

One can tell the difference between real and fake North Face clothing because counterfeit jackets often have flaws on the tags, the garment's construction and the packaging. North Face is known for its high-quality jackets and cold weather gear. Because many counterfeit North Face jackets are sold on auction and other websites, buyers using these sites should be wary.

Tags often give away the counterfeit nature of a fake North Face jacket. North Face jackets typically come with three tags saying "North Face" and the model name of the jacket, while fake jackets usually have only one. Fake tags often include only the North Face name and logo, without mentioning the jacket's model.

North Face jackets are made with extremely high-end construction techniques. Buyers should check the inside seams of the jacket for the proper zigzag stitching and finishing. A true North Face jacket should have no loose threads left hanging. The quality of the fleece is also often a giveaway. A real North Face jacket uses a nubby, rough fleece fabric, where the fake jackets tend to use cheaper, smoother fleece-like fabric. Often the fake North Fake fleece also smells unpleasant.

Counterfeit North Fleece jackets often stint on packaging. If a jacket is advertised as coming in a factory-sealed bag, it is usually a fake. True North Face jackets are sold without this type of packaging.