How Can You Tell If a Balenciaga Handbag Is Authentic?


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The ways to authenticate a Balenciaga bag include inspecting the hardware, the inside label, the construction and the leather. Balenciaga bags are constructed using distressed leather and complemented by distinct and unique hardware that makes the bags recognizable by Balenciaga fans.

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Balenciaga interior labels will either be metal or leather with a style number and the words Balenciaga and Paris. Bags produced before 2005 have an underscore separating those words, and bags produced after 2005 use a period.

The hardware of a Balenciaga bag can distinguish a real one from a fake. The hardware should be fastened securely with zippers branded with the word "Lampo." There should be notches in the rivets on the back of the handles, and any O-rings used should be welded shut. Buyers should also inspect the front pocket of a bag and look for a leather lining, which the company began using after 2005.

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