Where Can I Find Tattoos of Fairies?


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Useful resources for fairy tattoos are tattoo salons, tattoo design websites and tattoo conventions. Tattoo artists typically display their best work in portfolios, which may be available online or in the salon and may contain fairies. Salons and tattoo conventions are likely places to see real fairy tattoos as well.

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World Tattoo Events hold tattoo conventions every month in different cities all over the world. At these conventions, tattoo artists display their portfolios. Likewise, people with impressive tattoos attend the conventions to show off their ink. Either one of those is a potential source for fairy tattoos.

Fantasy artists such as Amy Brown sometimes collect images of tattoos inspired by their art. Other tattoo websites, such as Tattoos Ideas, also collect images of real fairy tattoos. Either resource can be utilized to create a personal image of a fairy tattoo. Fairy tattoos are often color-filled to resemble images from childhood, but artists have also created distinctive black and gray-scale tattoos.

According to Free Tattoo Designs, fairy tattoos appeal to a wide variety of people for different reasons. Some people want to channel the magical quality of fairies. Others want to represent their mystical side. Still others attempt to re-capture childhood with this symbol of youth. Historically fairies have also committed negative acts, such as stealing babies, poisoning livestock and seducing people. Some fairy tattoos carry those types of darker images.

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