How Can You Get Tattoos of My Children's Names?

How Can You Get Tattoos of My Children's Names?

Parents can get tattoos of their children's names by working with reputable tattoo artists to choose appropriate designs and placement. Visiting tattoo studios and reviewing artists' work help parents decide which artist to use.

Parents often add birth information to baby-name tattoos. Pregnancy Baby Care notes that such statistics as birth date, weight, birth place and astrological sign may accompany children's names.

Although parents may opt for text-only tattoos, most choose decorative tattoos that incorporate their children's names and birth statistics into artistic designs. Portraits are one choice, but any relevant image could work well.

Placement is an important consideration. Whereas tattoos are permanent, body tone is not. Parents considering tattooing their children's names on their bodies should choose locations where skin is likely to remain relatively taut, such as the shoulders or feet.

BabyCenter offers recommendations for choosing a tattoo artist. Safety is the primary consideration. The tattoo artist should work in a pristine room, using fresh gloves, needles and ink trays for each customer. The artist should sterilize reusable equipment in an autoclave between customers. Breastfeeding mothers should avoid being tattooed because of the risk of contracting hepatitis and transmitting it to their children through breast milk.

A highly skilled artist is likely to create tattoos parents will be satisfied with forever. BabyCenter suggests reviewing artists' portfolios to gauge skill level and ensure the work has clean, unsmudged lines and consistent coloration.