Can You Get Tattooed While Pregnant?


Women who are pregnant can get a tattoo, says Parents Magazine, but getting a tattoo while pregnant comes with many risks for the mother and the child. Choosing to wait until the pregnancy is complete is often preferable.

A disease like HIV can be transmitted through an unclean establishment, explains Parents Magazine. If any disease, such as hepatitis B or C, is contracted from an improperly sterilized tattoo apparatus, the disease can be passed along to the unborn baby. Also, the effects of inks on a fetus are unknown. Those who still choose to get tattoos while pregnant must take precautions. The procedure is much safer after the second trimester when the baby is more developed. The tattoo recipient must ensure that the tattoo artist is licensed and is using unopened and clean items.

The tattoo recipient needs to be aware that pregnancy hormones shift, causing complexion changes. This means a tattoo during pregnancy may not look the same after the child is delivered. Getting a tattoo on the lower back during pregnancy may prevent a doctor from administering an epidural during delivery if the tattoo is not fully healed.