Where Can I Find Tattoo Sites?


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Finding sites for tattoo artists and design ideas is very easy. For the former, databases exist, but searching for shops in your area is a great way to find artists. When searching for tattoo design ideas, there are many portfolios and compilations to be found on the web.

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True Artists is a great place to browse tattoo artists and shops in your area and claims to have the world's largest association of certified tattoo artists from all over the world. Users are able to explore different artists' portfolios in their area.

Another simple way to find nearby artists, shops and portfolios is to search on Yelp. Many patrons use Yelp to post photos of work they've had done and helpful reviews for others considering local shops and artists. Yelp also usually has a link to artists' web pages, allowing further investigation by the user.

In terms of finding tattoo ideas, Pinterest is a great place to search when looking for many variations of a common theme, as users often put together albums of their favorite pieces and subjects. Another great place to look for designs is Tattoo-Ideas. Unlike Pinterest this website is less organized but provides a wide variety of ideas that can be helpful in deciding which styles or subjects to choose in a tattoo.

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