How Can You Tan Faster?


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Tan faster by using a tanning bed rather than tanning in natural sunlight. Applying a specially designed tanning lotion prior to entering the tanning bed also helps people achieve a darker tan in fewer sessions.

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Tanning occurs when skin cells begin producing more melanin, a pigment that protects them from sunlight. The body is capable of producing enough melanin to give it a glowing tan in about seven days, but only if the body is exposed to enough ultraviolet light during this time. It take hours and hours of laying in the sun to obtain enough sunlight to develop a glowing tan. However, tanning beds deliver concentrated UV light, so people can develop a tan a lot more quickly. Spending five minutes in a tanning bed is comparable to spending two hours laying in the sun.

There are many different tanning lotions on the market that are designed to help people tan faster. By hydrating the skin cells, these lotions allow skin to absorb more UV light so that melanin is produced more quickly. Tanning lotions also contain nutrients that skin cells need to produce melanin pigments.

It's a common myth that sunburns fade into tan skin. Actually, a sunburn damages skin and temporarily stops the body from producing melanin, meaning that it takes longer to build up a good tan if an individual burns during the process.

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