How Can I Get a Tan Fast?

The safest way to get a quick tan is to use a sunless tanning product. There are several options for this, depending on how much you want to spend and whether you want to visit a salon or apply it yourself.

If you wish to apply self-tanner yourself, first clean and exfoliate your skin. Apply the self-tanner evenly, and avoid going more than one shade darker than your natural color.

If you choose to use a tanning bed, use an accelerator lotion beforehand to activate the melanin in your skin and help it tan more quickly. Baby oil helps you get a darker tan, but it also puts you at even greater risk of burning or skin damage. Lotions made specifically for use with tanning beds are the best option.

Some tanning salons offer professional application and airbrush bronzing. These methods are more expensive, but they have the most natural-looking results. You can also try an inexpensive spray tan, which is available at many tanning chains.

Even if you want a fast tan, do not overuse tanning beds. If it is your first time tanning, limit your exposure to a few minutes, and gradually increase every 24-48 hours. If your skin gets itchy or pink, or develops a rash, this means you have tanned too much and should wait a while before going again.