Where Can You Find T-Shirts With Graphic Symbols?


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Many stores and retail websites sell T-shirts with graphic symbols, including Amazon.com, eBay and Zazzle. Zazzle has a clothing section devoted to shirts and T-shirts with symbols and logo designs. Customers can also create their own symbol design T-shirts at websites such as Vistaprint.com.

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Amazon.com and eBay sell T-shirts with graphic symbols in their men's or women's T-shirt categories. To find these shirts, customers must enter the keyword "symbol" in the search field. As of 2015, both websites offer a wide variety of symbols to choose from, including movie logos, sports logos and religious symbols.

Vistaprint offers customers the ability to create custom T-shirts by allowing them to upload a photo image of a design that is placed on the front of the shirt. Customers can choose the size and shape of the image and choose lettering to appear above or below the image.

T-shirts are typically made of cotton knitted in a jersey stitch. They have a continuously woven body made on a circular loom. They originated from undergarments worn in the 19th century. Manufacturers designed them to be long enough to tuck under the waistband of bottom underwear. The first slip-on T-shirts without buttons became popular in the United States when issued by the U.S. Navy around the time of the Spanish-American War.

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