Can You Swim After Getting Your Navel Pierced?

can-swim-after-getting-navel-pierced Credit: Dave and Les Jacobs/Blend Images/Getty Images

Someone who has had his/her navel pierced should not go swimming until after the area has fully healed. Swimming pools, lakes and the beach possess water that can be filled with bacteria. Bacteria can lead to infection.

After getting a navel, or belly button, piercing, try to let the area heal properly. The navel is in a very delicate area of the body. Healing times can vary from two to three months. Proper care includes washing with antibacterial soap or salt water, showering instead of bathing, and applying tea tree or lavender oil. Things to avoid include tight clothing, antibacterial ointments, alcohol and hydrogen peroxide. Also, be mindful to wash hands thoroughly before touching or handling the piercing.