Can Suede Boots Be Dyed?

Can Suede Boots Be Dyed?

Suede boots, shoes and most other footwear can be dyed as long as the dye used is made especially for the specific type of leather they are made from. Dyeing shoes and any suede-based piece of clothing is one of the best ways to restore the leather. One must keep in mind that when dyeing suede, the leather can only be dyed from a lighter to a darker shade.

The following shows one method of dyeing suede boots. Make sure to have a suede dye and a suedette brush ready before starting with the steps below.

  1. Cleaning and Prepping
  2. Using the suedette brush, clean the surface of the boots of dirt and dust. The specialized brush will help fluff up the nap of the leather. If the boots are very dirty, it may require a more specialized cleaning for suede leather.

  3. Dyeing
  4. Prepare the dye by following the instructions on the label. If the dye came with a brush, use it to apply the dye. Use long uniform strokes when applying the dye and make sure that the shade is even on all parts of the boots. Let the dye sit and dry on the surface of the boots for at least one to two hours. Apply one or more coats until the desired shade is reached.

  5. Finishing Up
  6. Once the final coat has been applied, let the boots dry thoroughly. Fluff the nap back up on the surface of the boots by brushing with the suedette brush.