How Can You Style Your Hair While Growing It Out?


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Syle your hair while growing it out by trimming it regularly, treating it with a deep-conditioning mask, angling it down from your head’s crown, or hanging it out with a headband. You can also twist, braid or roll the bangs and then tuck them along your hairline.

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How Can You Style Your Hair While Growing It Out?
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The secret of styling hair while growing it out is regular trimming and not chopping off all the regrowth. This ensures that your fringe grows longer and faster, giving it more room to absorb moisture for healthy growth. Keeping the hair moisturized prevents breakage over time, which is key to growing out bangs.

Another important strategy of styling your hair while growing it out is picking a hairstyle that keeps your bangs in check. One option is to pin your hair at an angle, brushing it to either the left or right side. Secure the ends using clips, barrettes or pins to make it even more stunning. Braiding strands along the hairline is a variation that keeps hair out of your eyes.

To keep your bangs away from your forehead, hang the hair out using a band. The length of the fringe doesn't matter. Use a headband to push the bangs away, back and up from your face.

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