How Can You Style Galaxy Pants?

Style galaxy pants by pairing them with solid-colored tops in a complementary color and adding fashionable layers in a matching galaxy print, such as with sweaters, shoes or hats. Add matching accessories, such as celestial-themed jewelry, headbands or scarves.

  1. Pair the galaxy pants with a solid-colored top

    Pick your favorite hue from the galaxy print on the pants, and choose a top that complements it. Another option is to wear a shirt in a crisp white or sophisticated black so that the pants are the focal point of your ensemble.

  2. Layer with other printed items

    Add other items with the same galaxy print to your outfit. Put on another layer, such as a sweater or vest, over your solid-colored shirt to tie it all together. Wear a hat or shoes in the same fun print to create a fashionable look from head to toe. Choose items in a similar print with the same hues if you cannot find exact matches.

  3. Accessorize with other celestial-themed pieces

    Wear a pair of moon or sun earrings in fun colors or a simple silver or gold tone. Add a matching necklace and mood ring. Slip on a charm bracelet with charms in the shape of planets and stars. Add the same charms to your shoes or zippers on your clothes.