How Can You Stop a Zipper From Unzipping?

can-stop-zipper-unzipping Credit: Chris Scuffins/Moment/Getty Images

To stop a zipper from unzipping, you'll need a key ring. Attach the key ring to the zipper pull, and hook it over the pants button.

  1. Obtain a key ring

    Choose a key ring about the size of a penny. You can also use a small rubber band for more flexibility.

  2. Attach the ring to the zipper pull

    Attach the key ring to the zipper pull of the pants by winding it through the hole at the end of the zipper pull.

  3. Hook the ring over the button

    Hook the key ring or rubber band over the pants button when the zipper is zipped up. This keeps the zipper pull in place and prevents the zipper from unzipping.