How Can You Stop Your Shoes From Squeaking?

To stop shoes from squeaking, a person can sprinkle baby powder underneath or around the edges of the inner sole. To quiet leather shoes that squeak, he can apply leather conditioner or saddle soap to the shoes.

The squeaking noise is caused by shoe sections rubbing against each other. Baby powder makes the shoes more slippery, which prevents the squeaking noise.

Leather shoes can squeak due to dryness or the laces rubbing against the shoe tongue. Leather conditioner and saddle soap moisturize the shoes. They should left on the shoes overnight so they soak into the shoes.

Water is a common cause of shoe squeaking, particularly when the area underneath the rubber sole gets soaked. Wet shoes should be dried immediately, either with a hair dryer or a clothes dryer on a low setting. Shoes made from delicate materials should be air-dried and coated with baby powder to soak up excess moisture.

Cracks in a shoe also cause squeaks. A person should take damaged shoes to a shoe cobbler to have them repaired. A shoe cobbler can also be consulted if home remedies aren't effective.

New shoes may squeak due to stiffness. In this case, the squeaking should go away after a person has used the shoes enough to break them in, making them more flexible.