How Can You Stimulate Facial Hair Growth?

How Can You Stimulate Facial Hair Growth?

There are several ways of stimulating the growth of facial hair and these include improving and changing grooming habits, taking supplements, applying creams and steroid therapy. Taking on a healthier lifestyle can also stimulate and improve hair growth as it can help reduce stress, which can slow down hair growth.

The thickness and rate of growth of facial hair is largely determined by an individual's genetic makeup. Those who are looking to grow their facial thicker and faster can try any of the following.

  1. Proper hygiene, facial massage and grooming
  2. Cleaning the face properly will help keep the hair follicles free of dirt and grime making it easier for the hair to grow out of it. Massaging the beard line also stimulates the growth of hair and regular shaving schedule may also encourage new hair growth.

  3. Food supplements
  4. Poor nutrition can also cause hair to thin out. Supplementing with vitamins nutrients needed for healthier hair may stimulate its growth. These nutrients include biotin, B vitamins; vitamins A, C and E.

  5. Topical oils, ointments and creams
  6. Applying herbal and organic oils, ointments and creams may also help encourage thicker facial hair growth. These include eucalyptus oil, amla oil and mustard leaves mixture, and cinnamon powder and lime juice mix. Rogaine, which is usually applied on the scalp for hair growth, can also be applied to the beard line.

  7. Testosterone therapy
  8. The use of testosterone, both topical and oral, will help a great deal in stimulating the growth of facial hair. However, this should only be done under the supervision of a trained medical professional.