Can You Steam Silk?

can-steam-silk Credit: PhotoAlto/Sigrid Olsson/PhotoAlto Agency RF Collections/Getty Images

One can steam silk gently using the steam feature on an iron or a handheld steaming wand. However, if too much water gets on the silk, it may cause watermarks.

If having trouble ironing a silk item, place a layer of cotton between the silk and the iron. Once the cotton cloth is in place, simply wet it using the spray feature of the iron or a spray bottle full of water. Then, run the iron slowly and firmly up and down along the cloth. Make sure that the silk is carefully arranged underneath the ironing cloth so that wrinkles do not get set into the silk.

In the absence of a steam wand or iron, hang silk items in the bathroom. There, the steam from the hot shower slowly unwrinkles the item. Alternatively, silk items can be professionally pressed or steamed by a dry cleaner.

Before steaming any clothing, check the warning label. However, keep in mind that a dry-cleaning-only label doesn't mean that an item can only be dry cleaned. Clothing manufacturers have to put one type of washing instruction on each label, and if the manufacturer mentions dry cleaning, it may be one of the options rather than the only option.