Can You Start Coloring Your Hair After Chemo?


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Most doctors recommend waiting at least six months after finishing chemotherapy before patients begin coloring their hair, states Cancer Research UK. When selecting a hair dye, make it a point to avoid the harsh chemicals that are found in most permanent and semipermanent dyes. The chemicals found in these dyes can cause scalp irritation and dryness.

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After completing chemotherapy, the body needs time to recover. Immediately after chemotherapy when hair begins to grow back, it is more fragile than usual. This fragile state makes hair more susceptible to damage due to coloring, according to Cancer Research UK.

Those who wish to color their hair after chemotherapy should consult a cosmetologist first. Ask the hairdresser about henna dyes or vegetable-based dyes that would work well for the current condition of your hair. These dyes are gentler on hair than other types of hair dyes, making them safer to use, explains Cancer Research UK.

How chemotherapy affects the hair and the body correlates directly with the chemotherapy drug that was used. Some people find their hair does not grow back the same as it was before. It may be thinner, a different color or even a different texture, states the American Cancer Society.

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