Where Can I Find Star Tattoos?

Where Can I Find Star Tattoos?

Tattoo websites, artist portfolios and tattoo studios are good places to find star tattoos. Websites like Tattoo Finder also offer stencils that consumers can purchase and download.

Websites like Free Tattoo Designs feature both star graphics and photos of actual tattoos, while websites like Cuded and Rate My Ink feature people showing off their real tattoos. Another option is visiting a tattoo studio. The tattoo artists in the studio are likely to have photos of star tattoos in their portfolios or stencils they can use. Tattoo magazines such as Inked Mag are another likely source. Visiting a tattoo convention can offer another opportunity for seeing star tattoos.

Star tattoos range from a single nautical star to a series of shooting stars. Shooting stars are a symbol for good luck and often include a trail of small stars that can cover a large area. These tend to be feminine designs.

More masculine star tattoos, though both genders wear them, are nautical stars. These originated with sailors who believed they gave the wearer protection and guidance. The nautical star is a five-pointed star with alternating colors.

Some tattoos mix stars with other astrological imagery, such as the moon, sun or clouds. Tribal stars are also very popular. Pentagrams, or a five-point star within a circle, are another version of the star tattoo.