How Can I Spot a Knock-Off Handbag?

can-spot-knock-off-handbag Credit: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images News/Getty Images

According to Forbes, fake handbags are frequently made with low-quality materials and may have visible flaws when compared to an authentic bag. The manufacturer, or brand, of the handbag is important to consider when determining whether a bag is authentic or fake.

Fake handbags may have misspellings on the labels or tags, have incorrect locations listed as the place where the bag was manufactured or have fabric that is slightly different than authentic handbags. Becoming familiar with a brand and what the labels look like on an authentic bag is a simple way to avoid purchasing a fake. Designer handbags can be verified through the manufacturer or stores that sell the specific name brand being investigated. Check the number and style of pockets on the handbag to determine if the style matches the authentic bags for sale in authorized boutiques. Fake handbags may not have pockets or zippers in the appropriate places.