How Can You Spot a Fake Vera Bradley Purse?

How Can You Spot a Fake Vera Bradley Purse?

To spot a fake Vera Bradley purse, check Vera Bradley's website. Look at the zipper, and look for the green tag. Look closely at the stitching.

  1. Check the website

    Check Vera Bradley's website. If the design is not displayed there, the purse is a fake. Compare the placement of the zippers, pockets and straps to the website's pictures.

  2. Look at the zipper

    Examine the zipper pull. Genuine Vera Bradley purses have her scripted signature on the zipper pull.

  3. Look for the green tag

    If the purse is new, look for the green Vera Bradley tag with a green string tucked inside a purse pocket. If it is not there, the purse is fake.

  4. Examine the stitching

    Look closely at the stitching of the purse. Real Vera Bradley purses have close and tight stitching.