How Can You Spot a Fake Coach Purse?

You can spot a fake Coach purse by looking at the handbag's logo, stitching, embossing and the bag the purse is sold in. Purchasing your handbag from Coach, or an authorized reseller, guarantees the handbag is authentic.

The "CC" pattern should match up perfectly where the pattern is stitched together from two pieces of leather or fabric. If the pattern does not match or is cut off, the bag is fake. The Coach logo, an attached coach being pulled by a horse, should be very detailed, and the top of the letter "A" in the word "Coach" should be pointy. The back legs of the horse should be level with the front legs, and the coach's front and back wheels should also be level.

A Coach handbag should never come wrapped in plastic, as real leather needs to breathe. A real Coach handbag will come wrapped in a brown cloth bag with a red drawstring.

Look at the embossed Coach label inside the purse. The stitching on the embossed leather patch should be straight, not angled. The wording on this label should be deeply embossed and include both the handbag's style and serial number. The serial number should never be pasted on the inside of the handbag.