How Can Someone Get the Yellow Out of His or Her Bleached Hair?

In order to remove a yellow tint from bleached hair, the hair should be treated with a bleaching agent and then properly tinted to give it the desired blonde hue. When using products to bleach the hair, individuals need to adhere to the instructions concerning the product's development time.

A series of simple steps effectively remove yellow from bleached hair.

Step 1: Deep condition the hair

Approximately 3 days before fixing the hair's color, apply a deep conditioning treatment.

Step 2: Bleach the hair

When bleaching the hair, the product should be applied uniformly. The bleach must be left on for the complete amount of time. Not following the instructions can causes the hair to remain yellow.

Step 3: Apply a tint to the hair

A tinting agent gives the hair a flattering color and helps prevent it from looking brassy.