How Can Someone Know If They Would Look Good With Bangs?


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To know if bangs look good on you, figure out your face shape and determine the size of your forehead to decide what kind of bangs look appropriate. If your hairline is receding or uneven, or if you have blemishes or wrinkles, bangs are a good option to camouflage these issues.

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How Can Someone Know If They Would Look Good With Bangs?
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Pull your hair back with a headband and fully face a mirror that shows your whole face. If you have a longer forehead, bangs break up the length well. If you have a short forehead, bangs highlight the length in an unflattering way.

Oval face shapes are flattered by longer, side-swept bangs, but short bangs break up an already well-proportioned face shape. Rectangle and square face shapes need to avoid blunt, heavy bangs because it highlights the square angles of the jaw. Round face shapes are flattered by off-center, longer side bangs that help create angles on the face.

A person with a heart face shape is flattered by wispy, side-swept bangs but not blunt bangs that highlight the width of the forehead. Triangle face shapes are flattered by any kind of bangs because bangs balance the proportion of the forehead and jaw. A diamond face shape looks good with any type of bang style that creates balance between the forehead and cheekbones.

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