How Can Someone Use Makeup to Cover up Tattoos?


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Makeup can cover up tattoos by applying a lighter concealer and then using a second darker concealer or by purchasing a product, such as Dermablend, that is specifically made to cover up tattoos. Buying the cosmetics is the first step to covering up the tattoo.

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How Can Someone Use Makeup to Cover up Tattoos?
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Once the concealers have been bought, they can be applied on to the skin where the tattoo is. The lighter concealer, which should be lighter than the natural skin tone, will need to be put onto the tattoo first. Then, the second concealer, which should be slightly darker than the person's natural skin tone, can be applied. This second color should resemble a bronze or a tan.The final step will involve taking a translucent powder and covering the area so that the makeup does not look caked or too thick. Using the fingers to apply the concealer or a big brush for lightly dusting will create the most natural look.

Dermablend is a popular professional tattoo covering skin product, used commonly by make up artists, that can also cover flaws, such as varicose veins, spider veins, bruises, stretch marks and acne scars. It can be used on the legs and the body as well as the face depending on the product that is purchased.

Regardless of the type of makeup chosen, one will need to cleanse their face fully before applying the makeup. It is also important to make sure that the makeup is applied gently and not through pushing or rubbing techniques. Instead, blot the makeup on to the spot and remember that additional layers can always be added.

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