How Can Someone Travel Without Wrinkling a Suit?


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To travel without wrinkling a suit, it's important to pack the suit the right way in order to reduce the amount of creases and wrinkles that will form. It is very difficult to pack a suit in a way that will completely avoid any wrinkles or creases from forming, but simple folding techniques can prevent the majority of them from occurring.

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How Can Someone Travel Without Wrinkling a Suit?
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The technique of folding a suit jacket the right way has a few steps. The first step is to place the hands on the inside corner of the jacket, at the shoulders, and then fold the jack lengthwise, essentially bringing the shoulders to touch each other.Once this is done, one of the shoulders must be pushed inside out over the other shoulder. This should make the lining of the jacket face outward. The jacket then needs to be folded in half, with the shoulders now facing down at the end of the jacket. The pants should be folded and then placed inside the fold of the jacket. This protects the pants and also cushions the jacket's fold so it doesn't crease.

Shirts should be laid facedown on the floor. The sleeves then need to be folded across the back. The shirt should then be folded inward so it looks like a long rectangle with the approximate width of a collar. Then, the bottom of the shirt should be folded up to the cuffs, folded in half and then flipped over so the collar is no longer facedown. It should then be placed carefully in the suitcase.

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